Models of men’s shoes in spring and summer of 2020 (Balsava shoes manufacturer)

Models of men’s shoes in spring and summer of 2020 (Balsava shoes manufacturer)

What kind of men’s shoe models will be fashionable in spring and summer of 2020?

Men’s shoes designers focused on sports shoes and medical shoes this year. This does not necessarily mean that you should forget about the classic shoes or leather shoes you bought last season. New trends only determine the direction of fashion.

Balsava has been producing leather, men’s, and children’s leather shoes since 1985 and has a history of exporting its products to European and Asian countries. The factory and head office of Balsava is in Tabriz.

Men’s leather shoes trend spring and summer 2020

White Sport Shoes

White shoes seem to be a glamorous shoe, and dressing seems to be comfortable enough. But the beauty of the white shoe lies in the fact that it doesn’t have to be a hard choice to set. According to the world’s leading fashion designers, white sport shoes fit perfectly into every outfit, from jeans to office wear.

Daily Boots

This leather shoe model is one of the new solutions for the new season. It’s important to have a modern look. This type of leather boot looks like you’re wearing a winter boot. The combination of fashionable and different from other leather shoes is exactly what you need to get into fashion.

Sport Shoes

Lightweight sporty sneakers with neutral colors (black and cream, beige, gray, khaki) are literally an ideal global shoe for men and women. The best and perhaps most popular design in 2020 is a combination of old-school sneakers with denim, patterned shirts.

کفش بالساوا

Shoes with colored sole

These shoes attract attention, and have a unique and special style.

Sandals with wide straps

Long-day hikes or stylish urban sandals for men, made of genuine leather or with straps, classic or bright colors are essential for spring and summer. They are set not only with the Sport and Jeans type but also with the office style.

Balsava is a well-known and specialized brand of leather products. Among Balsava’s manufacturing missions can be the production of world-class products and export-oriented ergonomic standards as well as customer satisfaction.

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