F.A.Q | Balsava Leather Shoes, Bags, and Accessories

1. How are products purchased?

Stores and Sales Centers, please contact the factory sales department to purchase bulk products.

2. How to know about product prices?

For more information on wholesale prices, please contact our sales department.

3. Is the demand for production of organizational, team, and custom products acceptable?

Yes, Balsava brand collaborates with organizations, universities, institutions, and companies that want luxury products with unique designs, including bags, shoes, and promotional gifts; to facilitate order registration and delivery at the right time.
Please contact the factory and the head office of Balsava Brand for more information.

4. How is it possible to send products to other cities or countries?

Once the payment is settled, orders will be shipped by mail or your suggested shipping way.

5. Is it possible to change or return the purchased products?

Accepted under warranty terms. Please read the warranty conditions on the product warranty page. Balsava brand after-sales services team is always eager to cooperate and consult with customers.

6. Which international certification and standards do the Balsava brand have?

Balsava brand has obtained ISO9001:2008 quality certification from Switzerland, as well as DAC certification from the Dubai Certification Authority. The name, logos, and brand of Balsava (in Latin, Farsi, and Arabic alphabets) are registered. The Balsava brand holds a Certificate of Completion of the Quality Management Period from the Standard Bureau since 2003 and also holds a TQM certification from the IAF-approved QMS. In addition, Balsava has a Certificate of Brand Symposium in 2014.

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