Certificates, Standards, and Acknowledgments of Balsava Brand

ISO 9001:2008

Balsava has been awarded the ISO9001:2008 International Quality Certification from Switzerland for its high quality products.



Balsava brand has a standard DAC certification from the Dubai Licensing Center.


TQM Certification

Balsava holds the TQM (Total Quality Management) certification from the IAF-certified QMS.


Symposium Certificate of Top Brands in the Country

Balsava has won the Symposium of Top Brands in 2014 due to its popularity among consumers.


Quality Management Certificate

To promote quality management in the production of all products, Balsava obtained the quality management certificate from the Standard Bureau in 2003.


Trademark Registration

The name, logos, and brand of BALSAVA are registered in Latin, Farsi, and Arabic alphabets.

کفش بالساوا

Balsava brand is under the supervision and production of Samad Nami Shoes Company with more than thirty seven years of experience in producing unique and quality products since 1985 and has exported its products to Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq, UAE, some of European and Asian countries.

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