Balsava Customer Club


Balsava brand customers receive subscribers club membership code while purchasing products. With each purchase, customers get points to use for future discounts; they can also increase the chances of winning prizes.

The formula for calculating points and receiving discounts at Balsava Subscribers Club is as follows:


Loyal customer level

Minimum points to reach this level

Percentage of points received from the paid amount

USD Discount Percentage (from next purchase)

1 1 star 0 points

One USD = One Point

2 2 star 200 points One USD = One Point 12%
3 3 star 300 points One USD = One Point 13%
4 4 star 500 points One USD = One Point 15%
5 5 star 700 points One USD = One Point 17%
6 6 star 1000 points One USD = One Point 20%
7 7 star VIP 1500 points One USD = One Point 25%


  • All customers who use Discount Percentage of Seasonal, Festival, Discount Coupon, Corporate Discount, and other discounts cannot use the Star Discount Percentage Rates but still earn points on the purchases.

  • To stay is the loyal customer level, the next purchase should not take more than 200 days from the last purchase invoice, meaning that points will be zero if the next purchase is not made within the next 200 days and the customer loyalty level will be transferred to 1 star level.

کفش بالساوا

Balsava brand is under the supervision and production of Samad Nami Shoes Company with more than thirty seven years of experience in producing unique and quality products since 1985 and has exported its products to Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq, UAE, some of European and Asian countries.

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