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About Balsava

Balsava is a brand with a different and modern approach, influential ideas and innovative and progressive products in the fashion and apparel, footwear, handbags, and luxury men’s, women’s, and kids’ leather products, all sorts of exquisite and valuable gifts. Based on a new, broad, and knowledge-based perspective, Balsava has redefined fashion in its proprietary stores. Modern products based on ergonomic principles and basics made from the quality raw materials of the countries including Italy, Iran, and Turkey, in collaboration with world-famous fashion designers, have made Balsava world well-known brand. All leather products are natural and attention to detail, the use of quality and approved materials based on ergonomic and medical principles, the use of world-class technology, product quality, after-sales services and warranty, and customer satisfaction; Balsava is a brand, and to that end, Balsava is a different brand to consumers, bringing together tasteful and delicate customers in Balsava family.
Balsava brand is under the supervision and production of Samad Nami Shoes Company with more than thirty seven years of experience in producing unique and quality products since 1985 and has exported its products to Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq, UAE, some of European and Asian countries. Samad Nami is the founder of the Balsava brand and Balsava Shoes Production Management Center is located in Tabriz, Iran.
Balsava brand has obtained world-class standards including ISO9001:2008 Quality Certification from Switzerland, DAC Certification from Dubai Certification Center, Certificate of Completion of Quality Management Period from Standard Bureau of 2003, TQM Certification from QMS and Certified IAF, the chosen brand of Brands Symposium in 2014, several internationally accredited standards and certifications, as well as collaborating with international professional specialists, leading quality products, and enduring customer satisfaction.

Balsava’s trademarks, logos, and brand are registered in Latin and Farsi and Arabic alphabets and any copy of trademark, or similarity of models and designs is prohibited and is subject to prosecution for protecting the rights of consumers and suppliers of Balsava products.

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تولیدی کفش چرم بالساوا
تولیدی کفش چرم بالساوا
کفش بالساوا